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Mon Sep 16, am WooWoo. Some astrology for hurricane Dorian Sidereal. Sun Sep 15, pm WooWoo.

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The Sun, Mars and Jupiter generating Heat? Sat Sep 07, pm WooWoo. Sun Aug 25, pm Zosma.

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Wed Jul 17, pm AJ. Californian Earthquakes?

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UK - ingress charts, may 2nd election and etc. Notre Dame Fire. I will deal with the charts in a rather collective way. I want to note the first impressions of the chart that anyone should get when using this method for such a purpose. Rather than posting them here immediately, I want the reader first to view them on the thread here as one did in the chart challenge.

End of the Sidereal-Tropical Zodiac Debate in Vedic Astrology - Ernst Wilhelm Debunked

The first thing you want to look at is to see if planets are strongly advancing toward the MC, i. None of the charts have this.

Kp astrology with this unique, first of its kind artificial

Next, you want to look to see if any of them have planets in the 10th place, which is the 10th sign from the Ascendant, which in the first chart is Aries, the second is Taurus, and the third is Leo. All are empty except for Moon in Leo in Chart 3. Chart 1 has Venus in Capricorn 7th. The next one, Chart 2, has Mars in Scorpio 4th. However, all three are in the 12th of that chart, so the relative pertinence of each will have to be assessed without consideration of place.

For Chart 1 we find that Venus has rulership by triplicity and bound of the Ascendant. She also has rulership by exaltation and triplicity atthe MC. Therefore, there is strong support for Venus. Chart 2 is one in which Mars has triplicity in the 10th and MC. No planets scrutinize the MC or Asc. In Chart 3 we find that the Sun, which is in the 1st house, as domicile and first triplicity lord of the 10th house. Additionally, the Sun and Saturn both closely scrutinize the MC. The Moon has only triplicity at the MC. All three are confirmed as significant, but especially so for the Sun.

Chart 1 has Venus angular, ruling the rising bound, and exalted ruler of the MC. Looking at the chart we also find that Venus is the bound lord of the sect light, the Moon. She is also bound lord of the Sun. So she is bound ruler of both luminaries. Furthermore, Venus is strongly advancing. No planets are in phasis. Therefore, Venus is the obvious choice. It is also good to understand how other planets can be involved in the occupation. Saturn may be relevant because it is strongly advancing on the IC, where it scrutinizes the MC.

Additionally, Saturn dominates Venus. Finally, Mercury is a planet of actions and in a relevant place the 5th , and it closely aspects Venus, within 2 degrees, so it also relates to the occupation.

kp astrology forum

Mars can also pertain to matters of the occupation as Mars rules the 10th and is in an eligible place the 8th. However, what is most important is that Venus provides much stronger testimony than any of the other planets, including the other planets of actions. Looking at the chart we find that Mars does not rule the bound of either Light.

However, Mars does rule the Moon, the sect light, by exaltation and triplicity. :: View Forum - Sport and Speculation

There are no planets in phasis. Mars is the most advancing planet in the chart, and there are no stations, etc. It is also domicile and first triplicity ruler of its own place. The obvious choice here is Mars, clearly indicating Chart 2 to be the football player. It is the chart of Dick Butkus.

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  7. Mercury and Venus can also be relevant for occupational matters as they are planets of actions in the eligible 5th place. Butkus became a sports commentator and an actor later in life. It is always a good idea to look at the twelfth-parts in the matter of occupation. The lots , especially the lots of Fortune, Spirit, and Actions, can also be significant, as can relationships by antiscia. Mars takes on increased important as twelfth-part Mars is in the 2nd place, another eligible place, and very closely aspects the MC. Additionally, the twelfth-part Ascendant is in a house of Mars Aries and conjunct Jupiter fortune.

    Twelfth-part Venus is with twelfth-part Mars connecting their significations Venus-Mars can pertain to athletics. Mercury voice, analysis becomes more pronounced and important for the profession and identity as its twelfth-part is in the 1st house. We noted that the Sun is particularly relevant for the profession, as are Saturn and the Moon. Paulus also advised to check the place of Fortune but it is empty ruled by Mercury. However, we find that only Mercury is in phasis, and Mercury rules the bound of the Moon.