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Sagittarius horoscope March 12222
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Mars is in the sector ruling your children to start the year to mid-February, and Uranus is in this sector until March, so if you have children, they may require more of your attention at the start of the year. They may get recognition for something, need your help with something, or act more rebelliously and require more patience from you. Sagittarius Mental State Horoscope.

A lunar eclipse occurs in the sector ruling your higher mind January 21st, and this can be a good time to focus on finishing learning something, or finishing teaching something, or finishing writing or speaking about something. Mercury retrogrades in this sector the first half of July, and you may feel like you need to go back and go over something you may have missed, and it might be a good time to consider going back to school or re-taking a course in something. Mars is in this sector July through mid-August, and you can have more energy and drive for expanding your mind and having new experiences that you can learn from coming out of the retrograde.

You can be more optimistic and focus on the bright side of life. Mercury retrogrades in the sector ruling your subconscious mind the first half of November, and this may bring out some subconscious issues, motivations, or desires that you need to address, some baggage you need to let go of, or some past issues that require more attention. Sagittarius General Horoscope. With Jupiter, you can be more optimistic, open to opportunities, create opportunities for yourself, and believe anything in possible.

You can feel that some things work out in your favor without pushing too hard, and you can focus on trying to expand your life in new ways and explore. It can be a great year for learning, teaching, writing, speaking, travel, and a little adventure. This is the start of a new 12 year cycle, so make the most of it!

Sagittarius Horoscope March - Love and Career Predictions | Allure

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Home is a complicated thing. Make time to do that this month. A profound and beautiful new beginning arrives in your home and family life on March 6 thanks to the new moon in Pisces; plus, the sun meets creative, dreamy Neptune to bring a potent healing energy. Things are changing: Uranus, the planet of innovation, enters Taurus on March 6, bringing big changes to your daily routines. Think back to May through November of —you had a taste of what Uranus in Taurus will mean for you during that time.

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope - Tuesday, December 3, 12222

This is a powerful moment to make a change in your schedule or routine, or to drop a bad habit. That said, you'd be wise to keep your schedule flexible, what with all the changes taking place.

Sagittarius March Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

The sun connects with Saturn on March 9, creating a solid and supportive energy around cash and security, and a creative vibe flows on March 10 when action planet Mars connects with dreamy Neptune. Powerful energy flows in your finances as the sun connects with Pluto and squares off with Jupiter on March 13—expect a big boost in confidence, too.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – March 12222

This is a powerful time to get what you want. Supportive energy continues to flow as Mars connects with Saturn on March 14, making for a productive day—an important perspective arrives on this day, too, as the sun meets Mercury on its retrograde journey. This is a crucial turning point, Sagittarius—what have you learned about your home, family, and your needs?

All of this planetary action finds you thinking back to February 19 though February 23—many of the conversations and plans that began then are being revisited now. Also on March 6, a new moon in Pisces will encourage you to reach out to family and close friends.

December 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Sagittarius

Under this sky, take a moment to express gratitude. Your loved ones will appreciate it! Your signature free spirit intensifies when the sun launches into Aries on March This is an excellent time to kickstart a new business or project and manifest success by investing in your talents. Also on March 20, the moon opposes the sun, forming a powerful full moon in Libra. This lunation activates the area of your chart associated with your professional network, serving a terrific opportunity to expand your reach. Whether that means doubling-down on your social media following, building a website that showcases your work, or simply grabbing a soapbox to stand on, your actions will be sure to generate an audience.

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